A new paradigm For Growing Your Online Fitness or Health Coaching Business
I work with online fitness & health pros who want greater time leverage, income potential, and ability to impact more clients’ lives through high ticket online coaching….

And who have felt the limits of the standard online models that focus on commoditized tactics like 8 week challenges, lead magnets, linear funnels, social media content cheat sheets, chatbots, direct message templates, email marketing, and sales call scripts.
The market is changing rapidly and prospects are becoming more sophisticated; as a result, the strategies that worked so several years ago are experiencing greater friction.
And more and more, both the coaches and their prospects and clients are starving for greater connection, support, and customized experience than these status quo mechanisms allow (even at their best)….

“Freedom” and “scale” was never supposed to be copy & paste or one size fits all.
It was never supposed to mean going from “trading time for dollars” doing one-on-one training to spending your days doing back-to-back sales calls or burying yourself in ads, funnel dashboards, or other peoples’ Facebook groups.
Most aren’t even aware that there’s a better way. A different paradigm.
One that allows you to have the leverage you’re looking for but also greater satisfaction for yourself and the people you serve.
If you're interested in building a highly profitable online coaching business that gives you the leverage with greater satisfaction for you and the people you serve, apply for my complimentary mentorship program below:

A Few Of My Clients' Results...

Stephen specializes in helping fitpros & health consultants grow highly profitable and time-leveraged online coaching businesses through a new paradigm of client attraction and world class program design.

While the rest of the online health and fitness coaching industry has been indoctrinated to rely almost exclusively on linear tactics like funnel templates, challenges, paid ads, email automation, chatbots and sales scripts, the SatoriCoach approach allows coaches to scale through a higher level of connection and support for their clients.

After working as a certified personal trainer, then founding and operating both successful brick-and-mortar and online B2C businesses, he began to expand his focus to helping other skilled entrepreneur-coaches to develop and scale their own online businesses.

Stephen's clients have included personal trainers & fitness coaches, health coaches, physicians, gym owners, podcasters, and even digital publishing companies –– he served for a year as acting Chief Marketing Officer for one of the largest online content networks (with over a billion annual podcast downloads) –– but his primary focus has always been on serving fitness and health pros. 

In 2012, he was named one of America's Premier Experts®, and co-authored an Amazon business best-seller, Nothing But Net, for which he received the editor's choice award. 

Along with his passion for optimal health and helping fellow entrepreneurs to achieve their personal and professional goals, Stephen is a professional martial artist with over 25 years' experience in training and teaching Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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