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Are you a certified trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition or health coach looking for greater leverage and growth in your business?

My name is Stephen Whittier, and I help experts like you attract and serve high value clients, part time, using my proven system.

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Stephen Whittier

Stephen specializes in helping heath & fitness experts grow their businesses by six figures part-time by installing a predictable system to attract and serve their clients online.

After founding and operating both successful brick-and-mortar and online businesses, he began to expand his focus to helping other skilled entrepreneurs to develop and scale their service-based businesses.

His clients have included physicians, health and fitness experts, gym owners, podcasters, bloggers, and digital publishing companies, but his primary focus is on serving the health, fitness, and wellness professionals. He has also served as an executive team member and acting Chief Marketing Officer for one of the largest online content networks (with over a billion annual podcast downloads).

In addition, Stephen is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, and holds certifications in customer value optimization and content marketing, as well as an Infusionsoft Certified Partner. He was named one of America's Premier Experts®, and co-authored the Amazon business best-seller, Nothing But Net (for which he received the editor's choice award). 

Along with his passion for optimal health and helping fellow entrepreneurs to achieve their personal and professional goals, Stephen is a professional martial artist with over 25 years' experience training and teaching.

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